“A thrilling, entertaining and informative session provided by a thought provoking facilitator who clearly has a passion in the work which he does and a wealth of experience from which participants can learn.

I found the session to be really educational and was tailored to meet the needs and interests of the whole group. Michael is clearly grounded in practical and theory, will challenge people’s thinking about their communication and empower participants to improve on their communication skills and self awareness, encouraging participants to challenge themselves and improve their working relationships.”
Julie Costley, Youth Manager

Only Connect
“Michael brought a consistent level of professionalism and enthusiasm to each project, supporting our organisation grow and develop. He was able to navigate and negotiate each challenge, including the obvious cultural and religious differences, always returning to the connecting common denominator of humanity and professionalism.”
Madeleine Yong, Director
Protect and Save the Children
“Mercy Malaysia is hugely indebted to Michael for the manuals and guidelines which he produced both for the overall psychosocial programme as well as for the training. In delivering these documents he displayed his immeasurable ability to put words and action to paper, a skill which is not present in all highly skilled field professionals.

He also has the unique ability of being able to listen before he gives solid, intellectually sound and mostly acceptable opinions which worked very well in getting people with differences in opinion to come together and seek solutions rather than continuing with unproductive arguments. Being someone from outside the organisation he was able to garner goodwill from all sides of the argument before coming to an agreement, a skill he performed to perfection.”
Dr Ahmad Faizal, President
Mercy Malaysia